Commercial Cleaning Services

Richards Janitor Services Offers Top-Notch Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton

It’s time you looked around your office to check if it is as clean as expected! Cleanliness of your office space and the common areas is essential. Commercial cleaning services are not about a quick vacuum, mop, or just wiping off the furniture; it is much more beyond that! We at Richards Janitor Services provide you with our exceptional Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton and many more areas in Canada through a team of experts and professional cleaners who are well-trained and experienced. Today, we are amongst the most trusted Commercial Cleaning Companies in Edmonton, and we have earned this accolade through years of delivering quality services that satisfy our customers.

At Richards, we understand how crucial the Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton are for cleanliness, maintenance, organization, and, above all, the well-being of the people in your organization. We are known to save you time and money by combining your cleaning and janitorial requirements with our commercial cleaning services.

We extend our services to various commercial establishments, including offices, motels, hotels, hair salons, studios, financial institutions, car dealerships, bakeries, etc. As your chosen Commercial Cleaning Company in Edmonton, we strive to offer you a pristine work environment in your commercial space that proves to be comfortable and welcoming to your employees and clients.

Save time and money by consolidating your cleaning and janitorial requirements – let Richards Janitor Service do it all. We can fulfill a wide spectrum of cleaning services including floor care, carpet cleaning, and restroom sanitation for most small and large office buildings, financial institutions, hotels, motels, hair salons, studios, car dealerships, bakeries and other retail establishments.

Floor Care

Complete Floor Restorations Resilient Floor Refinishing Spray Buffing and Burnishing Wet Look Floor Polishing

Carpet Care

Commercial & Residential
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Carpet Shampooing and Extraction

Facility Cleaning and Maintenance

Changing Lights (tube/bulb replacement)
Common Area Cleaning
Facilities Maintenance
Restroom Supplies
Steam Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning and Recycling

Recycling Skylight Cleaning Window Cleaning

Our Specialized Services to Hire!

Service # 1: Floor care Services

Our floor care services will give your floor a new life, finish, and appearance. You can choose to have a complete floor restoration or get it cleaned with refinishing spray buffing or burnishing wet-looking floor polishing.

Service # 2: Commercial Steam Cleaning Services in Edmonton

The Commercial Steam Cleaning Services in Edmonton with us at Richards Janitor Services is a revolutionary step for professional cleaning. The most stubborn and sticky stains are removed through heated and pressured steam from steam cleaners. It is one of the most eco-friendly ways of cleaning!

Service # 3: Office Cleaning Services in Edmonton

The umbrella of office cleaning services is broad! It includes various cleaning and maintenance like window cleaning, everyday area cleaning, facility maintenance, restroom supplies, Changing Lights, and much more!

Service # 4: Building Maintenance

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton, under building maintenance, handles the cleaning of a building that includes mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning stairways and lobby, and washing windows and glass doors, too!

Service # 5: Post Construction

Ensuring that your commercial establishment stays bright and clean post-construction is genuinely essential. We at Richards Janitor Services strive to keep the outlook of your lunch room, washrooms, entranceways, lobby, floors, and much more in their best appearance! If you are interested in getting on board one of the best Commercial Cleaning Companies in Edmonton, contact us at (780) 452-3995 today!