Maintenance & Cleaning Of Computer
Data Center

Maintenance & Cleaning Of Computer Data Center

In a data center, deep cleaning is the removal of particles, static and residue from all vertical and horizontal surfaces, as well as from plenum and subfloor spaces.

All the cleaning products and equipment should comply with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED) standards. 

For example, we use: 

  • Valutek Macrotek wipes, designed for ISO class 7+ facilities, are lint-free and 


  • Nilfisk brand/specification interference-suppressed HEPA vacuums that are rated to remove 99.97% Of particles 0.3 Microns or larger. 
  • Staticide brand cleaners are pH neutral, static dissipative, non-conductive, and biodegradable. 

Great care should be taken to limit the water brought into the Data Centers to reduce the chance of costly spills simultaneously, providing the slightest possibility of damage to data center equipment.